FJ100-Single Axis Fingertip Hall Effect Joystick

This series of products is mainly used in various operation handles and operation panels.

Product description

Product Features


Thumb operation

Automatic spring reset

Hall contactless detection



Application range


This series of products is mainly used in various operation handles and operation panels.


Technical parameters


Fingertip spring return single shaft handle Contactless Hall technology, long life, High reliability. 


Compact structure, suitable for limited space Internal multi-handle side-by-side operation requirements.

Mechanical parameters Shake angle: ± 20 ° Mode of operation: spring return Maximum allowable force: 150~200N 

Service life:> 1 million times 

Weight: 48 ± 5 grams Operating force (max): 5-8N


Environmental parameters Working temperature: -30 + 70 ℃ 

Storage temperature range: -40 + 85 Protection level: IP68

Electrical parameters 

Power supply voltage: 5 ± 0.5Vdc

 Maximum current: 22mA 

Maximum allowable overload voltage: 20Vdc

Reverse maximum allowable voltage: -10Vdc 

Load resistance: 10 kΩ 

Median output voltage: 2.5V ± 0.1V

 Output linear error:<±3%


Product selection


Series Output signal


H51 single Hall, 0.5 ~ 2.5 ~ 4.5Vdc voltage output



Electrical Installations

Line order function Line color

1 GND  Black

2 5V Red

3 OUT Yellow

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