GY 32 strobe light shows in Apex Asia 2023


On October 24-27th of 2023, Shanghai QinYu Electrical takes part in Apex Asia 2023. 


QinYu shows GY32 strobe lights, A809F sound and light strobe lights, HQ-005 overloaded connectors and industrial joystickin the event, attract many new and old clients to visit and communicate, as an OEM factory has rich experience and always focus on safety for aerial work platform, and continue to provide high reliable product solutions.


These products have been applied to the major lifting manufacturers, such us Liugong, Sunward, Shandong Qiyun, Chufeng, HangCha, Tonghe and so on, highly recognized by customers, experience the importance of safety in the field of high altitude. We will continue to explore new technologies and applications, and we look forward to meeting with you next time.


The selling point of GY 32 strobe light:

1. The Strobe light adopts super bright LED, which has high luminous efficiency,less power   


2. Long shelf life;

3. No installation, bayonet type installation, reduce the cost of manual installation;

4. Strong impact resistance. No installation protection support;

5. IP67 waterproof grade;

6. Lower temperature resistance, can apply to more vicious environment; 

7. More smaller, save transport fee;

8. CE certification.

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